MassCEC Wood Stove Change-Out Program

You may qualify for a rebate for a free stove or a substantial rebate toward your change-out, with the 2017 MassCEC Wood Stove Change-Out Program.

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) program offers Massachuestts residents a rebate when replacing a non-EPA certified wood stove with EPA-certified wood or pellet stoves. This program will run between March 13 and August 21, 2017.

Follow the steps below and visit us at Kirley Masonry and Stove in Mansfield MA. Kirley is a participating stove professional in the wood stove change-out program.

To qualify for the Mass CEC Wood Stove Change-Out program, a homeowner’s existing stove must be:

  1. Operational
  2. Non-EPA certified
  3. Manufactured by a wood stove manufacturer, not homemade or modified.

How to determine if your wood stove is non-EPA certified:

Wood stoves sold in the United States on or after July 1, 1988 are required to have EPA certification, and therefore are not eligible for the program.

  1. Determine the make and model of your existing stove. This may be found on a tag attached to the unit and/or in the installation or owners manual that came with your stove.
  2. Check for your stove on the list of EPA-certified stoves at (click here to view the list)
Stoves on this list are EPA-certified and are therefore ineligible for the program.
Stoves NOT on this list are eligible for the 2017 MassCEC Wood Stove Change-Out Program.

Income-Based Rebate Eligibility

To qualify for an income-based rebate, homeowners must demonstrate that their household income is less than 80% of the estimated state median income for their household size. See table below.

Threshold for 80% of State Median Income by Household

Household Size80% of State Median Income
If you qualify, you will need to provide verification.


Homeowners seeking an income-based rebate must provide verification of eligibility to Kirley Masonry & Stove at time of purchase. Select one method below.

Only residents earning less than 60 percent of state median income are eligible for fuel assistance or discounted electricity rates. Therefore, customers earning between 60 percent and 80 percent of the state median must apply through MassCEC’s income verification portal.

  1. Current Electric Bill (Copy of a recent electric bill is required for all program participants.)
    Residential Assistance rate codes appear on electric bills. R2 is the Residential Assistance rate code for National Grid or Unitil. R2, A2 and A3 are the Residential Assistance rate codes for Eversource.
  2. Fuel Assistance Letter of Acceptance for the 2016-2017 Heating Season
    This letter can be obtained from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and indicates the resident’s participation in LIHEAP. The letter must show the date, homeowner’s name, and project site address.
  3. Third-Party Income Verification
    The homeowner can complete free income verification through MassCEC’s Income Verification portal at This process takes approximately two weeks. The homeowner will be notified by email.

Rebates for the MassCEC Wood Stove Change-Out

Rebates range from $500 to $3,000. Rebate amounts vary and are dependent on type of stove (wood or pellet), emission levels, income-based eligibility and efficiency.

Stove Performance Standards and Rebate Levels

Stove TypeMaximum PM2.5 Emmisions (g/hr)Standard RebateIncome-Based RebateEfficiency Adder
Pellet Stove≤2.0$1,250$2,500$500
Catalytic Wood Stove≤2.0$1,000$2,250$250
Non-Catalytic Wood Stove (more common wood stoves)≤2.0
≥2.0 and <3.0
≥3.0 and ≤3.5

List of Qualifying Stoves and Inserts Available at Kirley

All stoves on the list may be installed under the current Commonwealth Woodstove Change‐Out Program. Rebate amounts are listed for each unit. Efficiency Adder is included in rebate amounts shown below, where applicable.

2017 Eligible Stove List for stoves sold at

Visit Kirley Masonry & Stove

Once you have determined that your stove is eligible for the MassCEC Wood Stove Change-Out Program, visit Kirley Masonry & Stove. Together we will determine the best stove for you. Kirley has many stove options that qualify for the program. Your selection may qualify for a substantial rebate up to $3000 that will defray out-of-pocket costs.

Required Information to Bring With You

Upon your visit to the store, provide Kirley Masonry & Stove the following:
(bring hard copy with you or email to

  1. The year the stove was manufactured, and make and model.
  2. Pictures of the front and back of the stove (if possible).
  3. Pictures of the area where the new stove will go inside the home AND pictures of the outside area of the home where the stove will vent out.
  4. A legible picture of the metal tag on the back of the stove indicating EPA certification and make and model of the stove.
  5. Installation or Owner’s Manual for stove. This can often be found online.
  6. Copy of current electric bill showing homeowner’s name and address.
  7. Income-based verification if eligible. See Income Eligibility tab.

Stove Purchase and Agreement

Agree to the purchase of your stove selection and installation by making a deposit and a non-refundable permit fee. Any remaining balance less the rebate amount are due upon completion of installation.

Sign the participant’s agreement form (available at Kirley Stove).


  1. Kirley will remove the old, non-EPA-certified stove, disable and recycle it.
  2. Kirley will install the new stove.
  3. Kirley will submit the application to MassCEC on behalf of the homeowner.
  4. Any remaining balance less the rebate amount is due upon completion of installation.
  5. Stove must be inspected prior to use.