Top Reasons to Use Wood Pellets to Heat Your Home

Discover why wood pellets are the choice of home heating fuel for thousands of homeowners.

  • Wood pellets are an economical and convenient way to heat your home, save money and help the environment.
  • Wood is a renewable resource. Most pellets are made from recycled materials from lumber mills and furniture manufacturers.
  • The burning of wood pellets emit extremely low carbon emissions and low ash output. The result is a clean, efficient, environmentally friendly source of heat.
  • Historically, oil and gas prices are unpredictable and fluctuate, while pellets provide a more stable alternative.
  • Pellets can be a local source of fuel, being manufactured in plants in New England and across the United States.
  • North American-made premium grade pellets are the select choice for wood pellets available at Kirley Masonry and Stove Emporium.
  • Pellet Fuels Institute Certified Premium pellet is required to be less than 8% moisture and less than 1% ash. Our brands, Maine Woods Pellet, New England Wood Pellet and Northern Warmth wood pellets exceed PFI's requirements. Not all brands can say that!

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