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Save Now on a Harman Stove or Majestic Fireplace at Kirley Masonry and Stove

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Now’s The Time to schedule your stove cleaning

Did you know that ash left in your stove in the off-season will corrode the inside of your stove? A thorough cleaning is essential once each heating season. Cleaning boosts heat output and keeps the stove running at maximum efficiency.

Price structure for cleanings will be changing in an effort to promote cleanings in the off season, with service being a priority during the burn season. Anticipate price increases for cleanings during the heating season. We strongly recommend scheduling your cleaning now for best pricing… Now’s The Time.

Chimney Caps

Does your chimney need a chimney cap? Keep birds, squirrels and other critters out of your chimney. Protect the inside of your home and chimney from moisture from rain and snow. Ask us if you think you may need a chimney cap installed. We sell and install chimney caps.

Now's The Time For Pellet Stove Cleanings

Biomass Federal Tax Credit up to $300 for 2017 pellet and wood stove purchases

Harman Stoves, Heatilator EcoChoice and Osburn stoves qualify for a $300 federal tax credit. Federal tax credit has been extended for units purchased and installed in 2017. It is the responsibility of the consumer to verify eligibility and file for this credit with their 2017 taxes. There is a $500 lifetime limit for the federal tax credit for all energy efficiency property, including insulation, doors, windows or other wood or pellet stoves.

Consumers who purchase eligible products in 2017 will need to complete the Residential Energy Credits Tax Form (Form 5695) and retain a copy of their receipt and the manufacturer’s certificate that demonstrates the product qualifies.

After making the qualifying purchase, simply download and print the official Manufacturer’s Certificate from the manufacturer’s website, which indicates which products qualify for the tax credit. Also retain a copy of your receipt (proof of purchase) for your records. Work with your tax professional to ensure receipt of maximum tax credits available.

Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040 and Residential Energy Credits Form 5695 are both needed to claim your tax credit. The applicable lines are highlighted.


Links To Required Tax Forms