BioBrick at Kirley Masonry and Stove


BioBrick is a great fuel option available for wood, without the hassle or mess of cutting, storing and using wood.

BioBrick at Kirley Masonry and Stove

BioBricks are the ideal size for wood stoves. With packing density optimized, burn time is extended greatly. Average burn time is 12 hours per stove fill. Uniformity in size, density and moisture ensure predictable burning each time.

Made of 100% wood and not artificial binders, BioBrick is environmentally friendly using newewable resources. Plus, pressed wood firelogs offer the potential to lower woodstove and fireplace emissions.

1 pound of BioBrick equals 1.7 pounds of cordwood. A ton of BioBrick is approximately 1.25 cords of wood.

BioBrick comes in 50 packs/pallets, 20 bricks per pack, with each pack weighing 38-42 pounds. Pallets can be safely and easily stored inside or outside (covered) and are stackable.

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BioBrick are Available for Pick Up or Delivery from Kirley Masonry and Stove

BioBrick are sold by the pack or by the pallet. You can pick up your BioBrick or have us deliver them to your home. In most instances, our delivery driver uses the moffett to conveniently place your pallets. Delivery fees apply.

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MassCEC Wood Stove Change Out

Kirley Stove & Masonry is proud to be your local stove professional for the Mass CEC Wood Stove Change Out program. Rebates range from $1,000 to $3,250.

Please view details on the program and visit our showroom to begin your change out.